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Currently, the Government continues to accelerate the development of infrastructure throughout Indonesia, including Sumatera Island. This condition has created a lot of business opportunities in the Construction Services sector. Both in the form of Construction Implementation Services and Construction Materials and Materials Procurement Services.

In Sumatera Island, the implementation of the National Strategic Project is currently underway, namely the construction of “The Trans Sumatera  Toll Road (JTTS) along ± 3,500 Km. The road that connects the city of Lampung – Banda Aceh is being worked on by PT. Hutama Karya. No less than 50,000,000 cu.m of Split Stone and Aggregate A/B is required.

In the Transportation Sector, PT. Titan Infra Energy (PT. TIE) offers an excellent opportunities to become a coal transporter. PT. Titan Infra Energy  is a company engaged in energy infrastructure with very fast business growth. Since its establishment in 2005 the company has held coal mining concessions in Lahat and Muara Enim Regencies, South Sumatra Indonesia, with enormous coal reserves of more than 500,000,000 cu.m.

PLN (State Electricity Company) sees the potential and good performance of PT. Titan Infra Energy has finally established a long-term partnership with PT. TIE in the procurement of coal as a raw material for Steam Power Plants. With the establishment of this collaboration, it will automatically create several job opportunities, including:

    • Coal mine production exploration
    • Coal transportation from mine stock pile to port
    • Others, there are a lot of business opportunities, especially those related to the manufacture and maintenance of supporting facilities and infrastructure.

Sumarental was invited to enter as a provider of Coal transportation services. This is what made us develop a Business Plan for the Coal Transport / Hauling Project at PT. Titan Infra Energy. This is also based on the very promising results of the Economic Feasibility Study. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala bless this effort, Aamiin.



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